Faith Martial Arts, LLC

Children's Program

Here at Faith Martial Arts, we believe that children should be mentally as well as physically active.  That’s why our children’s program WILL engage your child mentally as well as physically. Learning the Martial Arts can and will develop SELF ESTEEM, CONCENTRATION, DISCIPLINE, SELF CONFIDENCE, LEADERSHIP and FOLLOWERSHIP, PATIENCE, FOCUS, MANNERS, RESPECT FOR OTHERS AS WELL AS SELF RESPECT AND GOAL SETTING amongst other positive life skills.  

What sets the Faith Martial Art Children’s program apart from our competitors?

  1. Our classes are always taught by Sensei Gina a very qualified Black Belt.  We will not allow any student young or old to be taught by anyone not qualified to instruct.
  2.  Our students must maintain good grades in order to advance in belt rank.  Sensei Gina isn't afraid to engage with the student, parents, and even teacher to help each and every one of his students.
  3. All of our self defence techniques are practical and useful for most any situation.  Our children know when, where and how to use the techniques they learn.
  4.  Dojo Parents' Night Out: Every last Friday of the month, parents drop their children (and children's friends) off from 6-9pm to attend Movie Night.  During Dojo Parents' Night Out we have a specific topic to discuss with the group i.e. Bully Prevention, Standing Up For Your Self, Stranger Awareness...etc.  Thereafter we’ll watch a movie and have dinner!  All of the children absolutely love it and love to bring friends with them.



As one of the few traditional martial arts schools in Colorado Springs, we have the honour of bringing the traditional aspect of Okinawa Kenpo Karate to all of our students and to our Dojo. 

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